A band is much more than a collection of people playing music. We need an audience and fans to keep us excited about learning new pieces and putting together fun performances. If you don’t play an instrument, we can definitely use your help with other items on our wish list.

We need:

    • Assistant directors. Know anyone that likes to wave their arms around in front of large groups of people? Preferably educated in the practice.
    • Equipment wranglers for set up, take down, percussion, PA systems, amps, banners, music stands, and all the other items needed for performances.
    • People to help with answering questions at concerts and other events to recruit new members.
    • Fundraisers to help raise money for expensive instruments and new sheet music.
    • Someone to manage our performance schedules.
    • Swag team to sell items to our myriad fans (to help with fundraising; see above)
    • Publications people to help with programs for concerts, posters, social media.
    • Someone to help keep musical instruments in good repair in emergency situations.
    • Alternate rehearsal spaces for the main group and the growing number of chamber groups.

We are a 501(c)3 and most of our concerts are free. Donations are gratefully accepted, are tax-deductible (ask your tax professional), and go towards the purchase of new music, instruments, and other band expenses.