Chamber Groups

The Vancouver Community Concert Band has sprouted several small chamber groups, of a sort. These groups offer the opportunity to learn other styles of music and develop musically.

Woodwinds Anonymous

This group is reserved for those who play woodwind instruments. No brass need apply unless they make a special exception or need someone for part.

Same Old Schmidt

Genuine, imitation German band goes for the polkas, bratwursts, and maybe a few beers if only adults show up to rehearsal.

Dixieland Band

Currently inactive, but we could start back up if we can find a musical director / leader. Recruiting members should not be difficult. VCCB has a digital trove of wonderful Dixie music ready to be performed. Email VCCB if you are interested in leading the VCCB Dixie Band and resurrecting this gem.

Recorder Choir

Well, not yet, actually, but if you have the time and inclination, we have the instruments to lend. Might need someone to direct as well.

Clark County Strings

Still in the planning stages, the Clark County Strings will be similar to the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Lenora Oftedahl is spearheading this effort and can be contacted at if you are interested in joining this group.