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VCCB Handbook

VCCB Handbook September, 2014

PDF files of scales

Our repertoire is mostly in the (concert) keys of Bb C D Eb F G A. These PDFs provide two octave scales and arpeggios.


Our repertoire is mostly in the (concert) keys of Bb, C, D, Eb  F, G, and A. Copies of most sheet music is provided free of charge to band members and is available at rehearsals. However, the following books, respective to your instrument, need to be purchased. Cost per book runs between $3 and $10. Some come with separate books for first, second and third chair. Use your own judgment for chair choice or get the full set, which should cost less than $12.
• Accent on Achievement Book 2* by O’Reilly and Williams and published by Alfred Music.
• Americana Collection† published by Hal Leonard and Rubank
• College Songs for School Bands*† arranged by Paul Yoder and published by Hal Leonard.
• Christmas Carols for Band or Brass Choir*† arranged by G. E. Holmes and published by Rubank and Hal Leonard. We play 19 carols in the book starting with The First Noel and ending with O Sanctissima.
• Christmas Time: A Book of Carols for Playing and Singing by Forrest L. Buchtel, published by Neil A. Kjos Music Co. Flutes can also order the Flute Descant book in addition to the regular book in this series (for the adventuresome or bored! Sounds particularly good when used with singers or with any of the woodwind combinations).
• Hymns for All* by Don Schaeffer, published by Shawnee Press. (Print-on-demand takes up to four weeks)
• KE0091 Piano condensed score
• KE0092 C instrument
• KE0093 B Flat instrument
• KE0094 E Flat book
• KE0095 F Book
• KE0096 Bass clef book
• Marches of America*† arranged by Paul Lavender and published by Hal Leonard.
• Patriotic Favorites*† arranged by Michael Sweeney and published by Hal Leonard.
• Trouper’s Favorite Band Book* by Karl L. King and published by C. L. Barnhouse Co.
• Uncle Sam A-Strut: Sixteen Marches* by Karl L. King and published by C. L. Barnhouse Co.
Check with local music stores such as Beacock’s or Music World in Vancouver to see if they might have any of these books on hand, or able to order them for you. However, people have had good success in ordering them from the publishers’ internet sites also.
  * JW Pepper
  † Hal Leonard 


Additional Materials

To help adults review their skills, have a look at Stonewall Brigade Band and click on join. There you will find links to a series of review books that I put together. These include mostly hymn tunes, Stephen Foster songs, and folk songs, but they go into all keys and full range, with nothing faster than a quarter note.

These are a “re-visitation” of a series of beginner books from 50 years ago. I took out the hymn names (usually the first line of the hymn text) and replaced them with the tune name. Also took out “Good Morning To You” as it is under copyright protection.

Download and print these materials for your use to help redevelop your playing skills. They are also excellent beginner band books.