Wish List

A band is much more than a collection of people playing music together. Yet listening to a band it is easy to forget about all the other essential elements that are not on the stage.

The Vancouver Community Band is growing. Keeping up with the performance requests and the expansion of the number of musicians is getting to be too big of a job for the handful of people who have been doing the jobs until now.

Yes we are looking for help.

Here is our wish list. There are a lot of options. Some involve working with the public, others not a bit. To do these things you don’t need to be a musician. It helps if you love music. Of course the idea, the tradition of community band, is to have fun. Perhaps you can find some entertainment below.

People we wish to have more of:

  • Assistant directors for rehearsals and performances
  • Equipment wranglers, for set up, take down, storage and repair of a PA system, music stands, banners and miscellaneous equipment at performances.
  • Folks to sit at a table and answer questions at concerts; sign people up for our email list. Perhaps also man a table at the Farmers Market and other venues.
  • Fundraisers (sheet music isn’t cheap!) especially those who can facilitate corporate sponsorships.
  • A team to manage our schedule. We get lots of requests to perform. We’re interested in opportunities that benefit not only the Vancouver Community Band, but other community organizations as well. These folks will also make sure places we agree to perform have reasonable acoustics and parking that does not require musicians to walk several blocks with their instruments and music.
  • Schwag team to make and sell shirts, hats, popcorn and …?
  • Publications people to prepare programs for our audiences with Jim’s educational notes, advertising and Vancouver community information.
  • Mechanically adept people who can effect minor, but immediate, repairs of instruments at rehearsals and concerts.
  • More of the same to maintain and restore donated instruments and equipment.
  • Web nerds, especially with graphics talent.

Places we wish to have more of:

  • Alternate Rehearsal Space(s)
  • Storage of instruments, equipment, music, decorations, costumes
  • Your file cabinet space for storing music and small equipment and supplies

See where you can fit in? Let us know through the Contact link above.